Carmody® Nitrogen Load & Reduction Calculator  
Designed for Small Communities of 100,000 septic systems or less, Carmody’s “Nitrogen Load and Reduction Cost Calculator” will help you learn more about the household sewage nitrogen in your area. How much nitrogen does your septic systems create, how much is being pumped-n-dumped throughout your community, and how much does it cost and what performance can you expect from household nitrogen reduction strategies like septic to sewer or nitrogen reduction septic systems.

Our calculator is easy to use, simply, enter the name of your area of interest, your estimated number of households using septic systems, and the amount of funds you may have, plan to have, or hope to have available to tackle household nitrogen reduction.
Household Nitrogen Load, Reduction & Cost Calculator
Enter the name or description of your area of interest. (Example: Madison County)
Enter the number of households using septic systems in your area of interest.
Enter an estimated budget to be used to calculate nitrogen loads and reduction costs to remove and prevent household nitrogen pollution.
(Minimum Budget starting at 1,000,000)